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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.


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Solidrums tradition

“Solidrums is a household name in Argentina specialised in drum manufacturing. Place your order today!”

Quality snare drums in outstanding finishes!

SOLIDRUMS presents a new line of exclusive snare drums, thought to cover a varied spectrum of musical styles.


Manufactured integrally in wood of solid guatambú, the congas CHECO by SOLIDRUMS offers the unique, warm, and natural sound that all professional percussionist requires. Assembled in traditional form, these instruments possess a novel and innovative system of tuning. Each tensile is provided of a nut - piece that eliminates the contact and extreme friction that it is generated between screw and tower, avoiding the deterioration and preserving the integrity of the piece in the successive changes of conga heads. Traditional hoops (Cuban African-American type), base rubber (it allows to support her peacefully in the floor), and lacquered natural they complete their attractiveness and imposing "look."


For those who enjoy a special sound, congas SOLIDRUMS Fiberglass (fiberglass ) are made with the same characteristics as their wooden counterparts. An instrument only for connoisseurs.

Both models include brackets (pots type).