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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.


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Solidrums tradition

“Solidrums is a household name in Argentina specialised in drum manufacturing. Place your order today!”

Quality snare drums in outstanding finishes!

SOLIDRUMS presents a new line of exclusive snare drums, thought to cover a varied spectrum of musical styles.

SNARE MODELS: Call for price details

SOLIDRUMS presents a new line of exclusive snare drums, thought to cover a varied spectrum of musical styles. Manufactured in ten, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen inches of diameter with depths of four up to eight inches (See Production – Measures List).

Their matter design offers a perfect balance of harmonic in the Rim shots, and an extreme warmth in the use of the Rim clicks.



The shells of the snare drums are made in 9 or 10 millimeters of thickness according to the pattern, since the same one should support the considerable pressure exercised by the lugs when tuning. The delicate union of the wood and the treatment of the borders, they offer a good anatomy and carries to an extreme solidity.


The vintage hoops built in steel (without holes), being held to the body by means of tiny staples, highly resistant. Their inflexible structure exercises a much more uniform pressure on the drumhead, granting us the precise control about the tuning, acoustic and harmonic frequencies. Contrary to those used in the toms, these hoops have a small place where they lodge the subjection staples, being hoop and staple at the same level. This variant allows a comfortable execution, granting a high impact and volume in the use of the Rim shots). Design and weight offers an unique, sharp, and penetrating sound. (Overalls in the execution of Rim Shots!)


For musicians that they like of a more personal and more natural sound, SOLIDRUMS presents this innovation in the varied line of snare drums. Built with 24 wooden sheets (guatambú), these hoops possess a metallic piece in each hole of tuning offering a bigger internal protection, and avoiding any deformation in their surface.

Solidrums brings the great percussion traditions of Argentina!

Solidrums multi range offers something for everyone! A choice from novelty finishes to classical choices - Solidrums is the choice for serious  instruments!

The difference among the metallic and wooden hoop, resides mainly in the natural pitch of these. Metallic hoops will project harmonic sharp, while the wooden one will enhance the low frequencies. Anyone was the election, the drum will conserve it sensitive explosive and ultra sound at the same time.


Made integrally by SOLIDRUMS with the system "throw off", this accessory allows the easy, quick, and I specify adjustment of the strainer offering a bigger sensitive answer. All our snare drums possess strainers with metallic terminals in all the models.


The external finish can be covered, lacquered natural or color in brilliant or opaque form; opting between silicon paint or lacqued for the interior face.

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