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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.



Solidrums accepts that instrument making industries should be responsible in their use of natural resources in today's world and should seek to innovate where possibple to minimise the use of scarce woods.

Solidrums incorporates the use of carefully managed wood stocks, acrylics, composite and laminate materials as logical choices.  Solidrums is proud that it has demonstrated throughout the years that it is possible to be thoughful to the environment while at the same time keeping standards on quality, tone, reiliability and character. Any by-products are re-used, recycled or disposed in accordance with local regulations.

Our manufacturing and assembly processess are not made in China or Tawain but instead they take place right here at our Factory in Argentina. This is the best way to guarantee quality every step of the way and look after our products - the creations that we design and love.

Solidrums therefore makes clear, Solidrums does not use protected woods nor woods from conservation areas. Solidrums acknowledegs that the importance to protect our world forests towards a sustainable environment starts with the adoptation and promotion of good business ethics that make these practices used in the construction of our instruments part of a sustainable planet.