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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.


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This acoustic suspension system is mounted below the lugs (4), granting to the drum a bigger volume and sustain. Their design "encircling" transforms it into one of the surest and reliable systems, since it doesn't involve any other piece of the hardware for their fixation.

These three elements works in perfect relationship, not only in sound questions, they also make it to the moment to change the drumheads. The mobile pieces next to the metallic hoops design and rims allows to made the work easily, without having to move away the screws of the lugs in completely form, neither to disassemble the rim of the body. Only with to loosen and make a small movement of the screws down, the hoop is liberated to carry this task. Followed act with the first adjustment of the new drumhead, it leaves from a very low tuning that thanks to the precision in each returned stocking of screw, this will growing gradually until reaching the wanted pitch. Now, change drumheads and tune is much easier and quicker... All the hardware parts are manufactured by SOLIDRUMS. The same ones are entirely made with diverse resistant materials, guaranteeing a perfect adjustment work and subjection.

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The most popular system is manufactured entirely in brass to offer us the biggest dependability in the instrument set up. Their internal “jagged” draw, provides a great angle of movements and positions.



Simple and resistant, these telescopic spurs allow to assign different angles of inclination to the bass drum. Their double extreme (rubber- metal), assures the stability on any surface.

TOM HOLDER ROD SYSTEM (*) Only in S 9 and Nativa models.

For first time manufactured in Argentina, the tom holder Rod System (*) of SOLIDRUMS offers the position, inclination, and distances of the toms, as always one has dreamt to have. Their circular movement admits the position in milimetrical form, allowing the naturalness of our musical phrases. Of compact design, their internal metalic sphere supports the different daily demands to those that it’s subjected this element. The sphere is protected by a bell, avoiding this way the "ghost" of the break generated by the direct pressure of the screw.

            SNARE DRUM                                      KICK BASS                                         TOM                                              FLOOR TOM


SOLIDRUMS offers an exquisite finishes in each one of this products. Covers or lacquered, brilliant or opaque, this process conserving the purest handmade tradition. Primary colours or combined designs are available for the drummer who likes a personal “look” of their instrument. Consult for the complete range of colors and finishes.


Personal designs to election in all models. We make bodies of 6 up to 26 inches, with depths and esthetic designs to election. Bass drums with or without brackets, snare drums of 10"; 12"; 13"; and 14" from 4 to 8 inches deep. Floor toms or suspended, the possibility to combine colors and finishes, hardware and many more options.



All Solidrums drum sets are manufactured in guatambú wood. It’ s a noble and compact wood, with very good relationship between weight and hardness. Contrary to other wood used in the construction of percussion instruments, the guatambú offers an excellent sound projection. The shells are built with selected sheets in variable thickness, according to the own demands of the instrument. The bodies dedicated to toms are made in 6 mm of thickness, while the bass drums and snare drums are made in 9 mm. The delicate union of the wood and the treatment of the borders, offer a good anatomy and carries to an extreme solidity.

Another characteristic of our products is the construction of the shells under the concept titled "Undersized". Contrary to the conventional shells, those "undersized" they present an milimetrical reduction in diameter assuring the perfect support of the drumhead (anyone mark) in all sectors of tension, offering a wider range of tuning with bigger presence of the bass frequencies.


The metallic lugs of exclusive design, heavy duty and quality inigualable possess mobile tuning pieces, allowing the agile movement of the screws. They are fixed to the shell on a rubber base, eliminating vibrations and/or undesirable noises. All the SOLIDRUMS shells contemplates the professional norm of tuning, in reference to the quantity of lugs for element.


The solid hoops built in steel in vintage design, being held to the shell by tiny staples, highly resistant. Their inflexible structure works with much more uniform pressure on the drumhead, granting us the precise control about the tuning, acoustic and harmonic frequencies.


As alternative, SOLIDRUMS presents its line in wooden hoops for snare drums and toms from 8" up to 18". For the natural characteristics of the wood, this element offers us bigger gain in the low frequencies and remarkable reduction in the highs. Manufactured in 24 guatambú sheets, the hoops possess a metallic piece in their holes for a bigger internal contention, consolidating the durability of their surface. The wooden hoops for bass drums possess 10 millimeters of thickness, obtaining with these, more bass harmonics.


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