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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.


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ALMA in transparent clear acrylic.

Double Bass drum, 2 floor toms, 1st tom, 2nd tom and snare drum. Hardware.

ALMA in transparent orange acrylic.

Bass drum, 1 floor tom, 1st tom, snare drum.



Available in acrylic transparent colours.

Acrylic clear - Acrylic vibrant green - Acrylic Amarillio.

Acrylic Orange

Alma drum set

All drum kits are available in all configurations and shown finishes. Solidrums-Europe is the authorised representative for Solidrums Argentina.

BODIES: Acrylic

LUGS: 10 towers in drum/drum-8 towers standing tom - toms six towers

HOOPS: vintage Beds 4.6 mm. Bombo wooden hoops

RIMS: Envelope on tom toms and standing for election.

HYPE LEGS: Telescopic/dual Tip

TOM HOLDER: Rod system

ASSEMBLY: Check color


ALMA MODEL: Call for price details


All Models - All configurations.

MEASURES: To election in diameter and depth. Available for Bass drums, drum, and Toms. Set FIERROS double leg Basix (Drum-Hi hat-Bass drum pedal-Straight cymbal).

For options on finishes look up our Toms or Bass Drums page.